Are you a gamer looking for a sense of accomplishment, but don't have the time to commit to a long game, then QUICKQUEST is for you! Here are what people are saying about QUICKQUEST:

I got early access to @NamelessPC new game. I've already played it through twice! Two rad thumbs up. - @neildittbenner

I just played @NamelessPC's first completed video game. It's short. It's lovely. And definitely for gamers without time to game. - @SorcerorBlob

Uhm, you can't jump or crouch, super lame 6/10. - @PartiallyPro

I played QuickQuest by @NamelessPC twice now and I feel refreshed and ready to get back to work. Excellent work. - @Fredik_S

- If you're a parent who needs to play a game after the baby goes to bed but before you pass out from exhaustion. This game is for you!

- If you're a student who needs a break during finals with a game that won't get you hooked for hours and ruin your future. This game is for you!

Are you brave enough to fight, THE QUICKQUEST! FIND OUT NOW!


press the right arrow key to go right.

press the left arrow key to go left.

Author's Note:
Seriously. Thanks for taking time to check this game out. It was my first attempt at making a "game". It originally was suppose to be a comic for my webcomic (, but it seemed like making it a game would be more challenging.

I hope you enjoy!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
TagsComedy, Dark Humor, Funny, GameMaker, joke, Pixel Art, quick
Average sessionA few seconds


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A fun concept. Could be expanded with a new game plus mode. Could become a full game if it unfolded and expanded as you completed it over and over again.


This is essentially perfect. It's exactly what it claims to be and does not disappoint.